I keep on repeating this song own by one of Ghanaians best female musician. I’m doing a freestyle on it. Play and download @link… I’m Boikelvis worldwide

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I’m still working on my blog site. Once I’m done it will be www.mmentertainmentworld.com. Once this is set and done, please you all should support I Boikelvis buy my songs both audio and video online here on my blog site. All my freestyle you all can listen and download here for free I’m not selling those ones please. I’m Boikelvis to the worldwide. Peace

Africa i am hip pop and more dance hall, little r&b. In all, I’m me. I do well when I’m me. I’m never gonna be who you want me to be because am Boikelvis worldwide🌍.. To my followers in Ghana and the worldwide🌍 I LOVE YOU ALL. This is my brand

So why are the radio stations in Ghana not playing my songs even when I’ve sent to them all. They said I’m a Nigerian and I smoke weed. I sing of gangsta thing, Ghana will not play. But they are playing crazy songs from the state, and you can’t support Africa musician because you feel his a Nigerian. God help Africans to love ourselves